Twelve Years a Slave (With Illustrations)

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Enjoy this new release of "Twelve Years a Slave." You won't find a better price or higher-quality version of this classic text. This edition includes: -The full text of "Twelve Years a Slave" -The original high-quality illustrations -The full text of "The Kidnapping Case", an extended New York Times article from 1853 about Solomon Northup's story -Clean formatting, with the ability to adjust fonts and text size -An active table of contents for easily moving around in the book "Twelve Years a Slave" tells the remarkable true story of Solomon Northup, a free man born in New York State who was deceived, drugged, and kidnapped in 1941, taken into slavery for a period of twelve years in Louisiana before the Civil War. The book became a bestseller and played an important part in helping educate Americans about the plight of slavery.

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12 years5 star

We'll written but a terribly sad story. I hate that these things actually happened in my country.55

Peace be unto you

Powerful4 star

One of the most profound and powerful narratives that I have ever read. It should be read not only by African Americans, but by all races an ethnicities. Truly a powerful piece of nonfiction!45


Twelve Years a Slave should b mandatory reading5 star

I was very moved by this book. I cannot believe it isn't mandatory reading in high school. I haven't seen the movie. I cried reading the stories of the two traumatized women (the mother who's separated from her children and of course Patsy). I can't imagine seeing that played out on screen, but I do intend to watch it now that I have read the book. I highly recommend this book as a clear-headed and eloquent take on the atrocity of slavery in this country.55


Great Story and Great Book5 star

This is one of those rare and unfortunate stories that we wish never happened but at the same time can be grateful for in the long run (For the sake of education). I had the pleasure of watching the film and reading the book. As it was a terrible thing slavery, it is still apart of our history, not just Black History but American History as well. Im glad Mr S. Northup shared his story. It lets us know as people that we are not better than any other person in anyway. Money wealth or power does not make a person bigger or better, its the character and the personality that defines a person.55


emo..emo3 star

its a hiralious book. knowing the real experinces can make you cry, read it,35


made me cry5 star

its a hiralious book. knowing the real experinces can make you cry, read it,55


12 Years A Slave5 star

Why this book is not mandatory reading in High Schools is beyond me. This is such an important subject that does not get the proper attention it deserves. Well written and compelling. A must read if ever there was one.55


12 years a slave.5 star

Not since Roots have I read such a sad story of slavery. Inclusion of farming methods and other dated facts just adds to the book's mastery. A must read for every educated person.55

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