Redeeming Lottie

Redeeming Lottie Summary

I had a plan for my life.
One that would never involve marriage, or kids, or being stuck in the one-horse Texas town I grew up in.
I saw how it worked out for my parents, and I wanted no part of their heartbreak.

So I ran. 

My career was the only commitment I had time for. The only one I was ever willing to make. But life didn’t care about my plan.

I didn’t expect to go home again, but here I am.
I never, ever planned on seeing Tucker Monroe again, but here he is.

His sexy smile and country charm were the reason I left.
But with every smirk this single dad gives me, I’m finding it hard to remember why.

All that’s on my mind is Tucker, but I can’t give in to the feelings that never quite went away. I have to remember what my ambitions are.
But he’s too tempting. And just as dangerous for me as he ever was…

There are four stand-alone books in the Billingsley series:
Redeeming Lottie - Tucker & Lottie
Chasing Hannah - Billy & Hannah
Taming Wes - Wes & Devin
Tempting Tim - Tim & Conley

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Loved this story!5 star

Underneath all the arrogance, Lottie is a very sad and damaged person. She left the love of her life without a word. Tucker had always loved Lottie but also made one very big mistake. Ups and downs, frustration, and above all love come out in this story.55


Redeeming Lottie5 star

Loved the book and was speculating the outcome ~~ that’s what makes you a good storyteller. You keep our interest all the way through. And, thank you for keeping the love scenes clean! Thank you for your writings, JK55


3stars3 star

This was a sweet short read. It did take awhile to warm up to Lottie. She was not one of my favorite characters.35


Fantastic second chance romance5 star

An entertaining read with some wonderful characters. It’s the first time I’ve read anything from this author, and she did a brilliant job of holding my attention and making me smile as I read this book. It’s a fantastic second-chance romance. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.55

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