Fooled Around and Spelled in Love

Fooled Around and Spelled in Love Summary

Welcome to Everlasting, Maine, where there's no such thing as normal.

Anna Crawford is well aware her town is filled with supernaturals, but she isn’t exactly willing to embrace her paranormal gifts. Her aunt says she’s a witch-in-denial. All Anna wants is to live a quiet “normal” life and run her business, Witch’s Brew Coffee Shop and Bakery. But everything is about to be turned upside down the moment Jackson Argent walks into her life.

Jackson isn’t sure why he agreed to come back to his boyhood home of Everlasting. It’s like a spell was cast and he couldn’t say no. Covering the Cranberry Festival isn’t exactly the hard-hitting news this reporter is used to. But when a local death is ruled an accident, and the police aren’t interested in investigating, he takes it upon himself to get to the bottom of the mystery. To do that, he’ll need to enlist the help of the beautiful coffee shop owner.

It soon becomes apparent things are not what they seem and more than coffee is brewing in Everlasting.

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Great read5 star

Loved this book. Love how Anna and Jackson teamed up with the camera to solve the mystery of George’s death. Love how Jackson was honest with Anna about his past and what he could do. Love Aunt Polly as usual.55


Fun Paranormal Cozy5 star

Reluctant witch Anna meets investigative journalist Jackson who has supernatural abilities of his own. When Anna’s friend George mysteriously dies during a party and an incompetent deputy declares it an accidental death, Anna and Jackson work together to uncover the truth. A lot of unexpected twists and turns made this a fun read. And Aunt Polly! I love her! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.55

JoJo Teodoro

I love this!5 star

Fooled Around and Spelled in Love is the third book in the Happily Everlasting World by Michelle M. Pillow. This is set up in the magical town of Everlasting where different paranormals live their daily lives, but nobody else outside of this town really knows the mysteries of this town in Maine. Anna Crawford is a business owner in Everlasting. She owns Witch's Brew Coffee House and Bakery. She denies her magical abilities and chose to just do things like a normal person. She is very friendly, sweet, and helpful. She donates her baked goods all around town even with the Cranberry Festival, she makes time for her donations. Jackson Argent is a reporter appointed by his boss to come to Everlasting, his hometown, to report on the mysteries of the town during the Cranberry Festival. Jackson had the ability to send his consciousness out of his body and walk around. Anna and Jackson are working together to find out the mysteries around who may have offed George, but looking deeply may reveal more than they bargained for. This was filled with mysteries, twists, romance, humor, and danger. This was fantastic! I absolutely love the build up and the magical aspect of this book. Michelle, I absolutely love all your books! I cannot wait to read more and more from you! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.55


Cute magical mystery5 star

A murder, a cooky aunt, a reporter and a magical town. What more could actually go wrong in Everlasting? Anna is about to find out. I really like Anna, and the other characters. I’m anxious to read more I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.55


Everything you could want!5 star

This book is the third in the series but it is the first one I have read. The book had everything you could want: mystery, romance and comedy! I enjoyed the quirky town. I loved both Anna and Jackson and their story. The characters were well developed and I was rooting for a happily ever after. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.55


Good addition to this series4 star

I've enjoyed this series so far, and this book is no exception. This is the third book in the Happily Everlasting series, a set of cozy paranormal mysteries, each written by a different author with the same town and many of the same characters in common. The town is full of supernaturals who try to shield who they are from the outside world. This book centers around Anna Crawford; 'witch-in-denial', owner of a coffee shop and bakery called the Witch's Brew, her Aunt Polly (loved Polly!) and an investigative reporter, Jackson Argent. mysteriously assigned to cover the towns annual, month-long cranberry festival. The story is good, the characters are likeable, and now I really want a cup of coffee and some cranberry orange scones! If you like stories with paranormal themes, humor, well-done characters and a good mystery, you'll enjoy this book.45


This story is a blast5 star

Anna a witch in denial, afraid of the cost of doing magic and Jackson a cynical reporter looking for the truth lead us through a twisty suspenseful murder mystery. Sarcasm, witty repartee, and looney Aunt Polly keep us laughing along the way. The chemistry between Anna and Jackson adds just enough romantic angst without delving into eroticism. The town of Everlasting has so many colorful characters of supernatural persuasions I can’t wait for the next hilarious tale in this series.55


Fooled around and spelled in love5 star

Everlasting, Maine where abnormal is normal and unexpected is always expected. This story is about Anna Crawford owner of Witch’s brew coffee and bakery and niece of Polly the well known witch. She just wants to live a quiet, peaceful life, but with an aunt like Polly there isn’t much chance. Jackson Argent is originally from Everlasting and he never thought to return but his boss sent him to cover the cranberry festival. Of course it’s because Polly sent a spell but hey, the universe told her to do it. Then Anna’s friend George dies from an allergic reaction. Anna is hit hard and Jackson wonders if she is responsible since she had just given him two of her muffins. So he sets out to find out as much about her as he can...and things start to happen. This was a very entertaining murder mystery with romance and strange things happening. Great book.55

Lisa Bateman

Love this series5 star

I just love this series and hope the authors decide to write more. They all have some of the same characters and of course, are set in the same town, Everlasting. But they are stand alone so can be read in any order. I love anything Michelle Pillow writes and she doesn’t dissapoint in this one. The characters are all well developed and very likable. Anna is a very busy young lady with no time for love when a strange reporter who is also handsome shows up. Being busy baking for the cranberry festival, everything is chaotic enough when someone turns up dead. Of course, Everlasting’s finest, August, who is named after the calendar month that he posed for, says case closed, there is no foul play. But Anna feels otherwise. She is a witch in denial. Check it out and see how things play out.55

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