Darned Quilts

Darned Quilts Summary

Darned Quilts is the outcome of one quilter's journey. A simple, basic need coupled with a few sparks of inspiration led to this entirely new way to think about patchwork quilt design.

Growing out of a real-life situation, the design methods you will discover here developed over time. The journey began with experimental attempts to create increased visual interest in a single-layer composition.

Learn to work with color gradations in patchwork quilt design. See how one set of colors can make a background from which identical shapes can be cut and repositioned to create eye-catching pops of color contrast that generate an imaginary three-dimensional design space.

Play with all kinds of trims and specialized treatments that add color, texture, and interest to the background and the shapes cut from it. Finally, discover how sewing machine darning holds the work together to make a long-lasting work of art that is uniquely yours!

The Darned Quilts ebook contains step-by-step illustrated instructions. It is full of good general sewing advice and peppered with anecdotes that make for interesting reading and great fun in patchwork quilting. As the work unfolds, your mind will jump to other possibilities suitable for your first Darned Quilt or others to come. One Darned Quilt follows another, and the possibilities are endless. Dena's innovative ideas shine through, but you can be proud of your original design art quilt—-it's a "one-of-a-kind!"

Darned Quilts went on to become one of Dena Dale Crain's most popular online quilt classes. Dena taught Darned Quilts in live classrooms in Canada, Houston, New Zealand, South Africa, and elsewhere. Its popularity has never waned!

Get your copy of Darned Quilts now, and let the fun begin!

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