Listening to Type

Listening to Type Summary

“A complete and comprehensive course of study accessible to design students and professionals alike . . . exceptionally user friendly.” —Midwest Book Review

With this visually stunning primer, designers will develop the skills and vision to produce truly innovative, eye-catching type design. All the basics of type design are covered, and in-depth information is provided on more advanced topics such as the differences between type applications, how typography creates identity, and what best inspires readers. Chapters cover:

The language of type * Space and type * Typographic unity * What makes readers respond * Type and identity * Evolving type treatments * Readability and legibility * A timeline of the evolution of writing and typography

Designer Alex W. White packs the pages with fifteen hundred images—modern and ancient, specially created and found—that illustrate typographic concepts and continue to yield more complexity and connectivity with each viewing. Listening to Type proves that type is much more than groups of letterforms on a page; it is a language with the ability to convey meaning and evoke emotions beyond the spoken words it symbolizes.

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