The New Designer

The New Designer Summary

How to develop an ethical design practice and build a better world.

The choices made by designers have a significant impact on the world. Yet so much of the discourse on design focuses on aesthetics rather than ethics. Acclaimed designer Manuel Lima aims to change this by challenging common myths and preconceptions about what comprises good design. He argues that designers must take responsibility for the personal, societal, cultural, and environmental impact of their work, rather than simply following a normalized template.
As he covers fields ranging from graphic design to industrial design to user experience design, Lima identifies the major steps that designers must take to be a force for good in the world. Rather than sticking to outmoded ideas about perfectionism and individual genius, designers must work together to tackle some of the most challenging questions of the twenty-first century. How do you make room for humanity, with all its wonderous variations, in a society increasingly driven by metrics, algorithms, and profit? How can ecologically responsible designers consider a product’s entire life cycle and look well into the future? And how can designers better respond to a community’s local needs while taking advantage of global networks?
Blending approaches derived from ethics, psychology, economics, and ecology, The New Designeris a vital, field-changing treatise that will appeal to any reader who seeks to understand design’s massive impact on the contemporary world.

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