The End of Diabetes

The End of Diabetes Summary

The New York Times bestselling author of Eat to Live and Super Immunity and one of the country’s leading experts on preventive medicine offers a scientifically proven, practical program to prevent and reverse diabetes—without drugs.

At last, a breakthrough program to combat the rising diabetes epidemic and help millions of diabetics, as well as those suffering with high blood pressure and heart disease. Joel Fuhrman, M.D. Research director of the Nutritional Research Foundation, shows you how to live a long, healthy, and happy life—disease free. He offers a complete health transformation, starting with a diet with a high nutrient-per-calorie ratio that can be adapted for individual needs.

Dr. Fuhrman makes clear that we don’t have to “control” diabetes. Patients can choose to follow better nutritional guidelines that will control it for them, even before they have lost excess weight. The end result is a medical breakthrough—a comprehensive reversal of the disease.

Book Reviews

Parent of type one child

Clarify that this applies to type II1 star

A half truth is a whole lie. This book does not pertain to type I diabetics, yet that is not mentioned in the description. As a parent of 5 yr old type I, it is painful when other insinuate that we just need to watch our diet and everything will be ok. That could not be further from the truth. Type I means that the beta cells in your pancreas have been destroyed, no diet will repair that, just as no diet will repair a destroyed heart or liver. The author is clearly misleading, In regards to type I and that's pathetic. If the author reads this, and has a shred of decency, respond to this and I'll give you my cell number15


Priceless5 star

This book is the best gift you can give anybody, especially those close to you!55

Thomas Blass

excellent straight forward advice5 star

You initially might not like his diet suggestions, you will also scramble going through it the first 2 weeks (and you might cheat), but the results speak for themselves. I already lost more than 25 pounds, my blood pressure is back to normal and I quit the medication and my glucose levels are below 100 with only half the dose of metformin my doctor initially recommended - and I am only half way towards my ideal weight. When you are newly diagnosed with diabetes 2 or suffering from it already for some time with the usual approach to "control" your glucose levels you have to read through this book before making the decision to not to change your diet.55

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