The Last Fitness Strategy

The Last Fitness Strategy Summary

You NEED to lose the fat. You have tried every diet and plan possible, and failed. We have your solution with The Last Fitness Strategy.

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Short and sweet5 star

I love that it is broken down easy and quick for us who don't have a lot of time to read. Thank you so much for the tips!!55


Awesome read5 star

I really enjoyed reading this book and kickstarting my weight loss! It’s straight forward and tells you exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals. Highly recommend buying!55

Meredith Godfrey

Amazing!5 star

This book is straight and to the point! No nonsense and tells you exactly how to lose the fat! After reading this, I’ve been able to get past my plateau and start losing fat again! Thanks for everything Cody!!55


I recommend this book!!5 star

So awesome! I have to say the length & getting to the point is amazing. I am vegan and appriciate this point of view with tips to eat proper. I have struggled with weight since getting sick and appriciate this book plus the helpful tips you give on IG. I recommend this book and Cody’s way of staying healthy & fit. Immense Gratitude!55

Jared Harrell

Simple and to the point5 star

This book is a no-fluff guide to eating right and dieting right. Doesn’t need to be complicated. I was losing a few pounds on my own before I got the book, but this book made me realize how much more protein I needed to eat. Since then I have gained muscle mass and lost a few more pounds as well. My wife has mentioned 3 times in the last week how I “look better” and she honestly NEVER tells me that lol. Thx Cody!55


Great Plan5 star

This book is straight to the point. It tells you what you need to do and gives you ways to do it. It takes out the confusion and run around that some other diet plans might have. And for only 10 bucks how could you not give it a try?55


Quick3 star

It was a quick read. I just wish there would have been more examples of different meal plans for different calorie goals.35


Simple5 star

I love the simplicity. Very much worth it! Thank you Cody!55


A+5 star



Literally common knowledge1 star

Don’t buy this book!! I Waste 10 dollars take my word on it!! Literally, finish less 5mins you will be mad you wasted 10 dollars on this.15

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