Sword of Destiny

Sword of Destiny Summary

Geralt the Witcher battles monsters, demons and prejudices alike in Sword of Destiny, the second collection of adventures in Andrzej Sapkowski’s groundbreaking epic fantasy series that inspired the Netflix show and the hit video games.
Geralt is a Witcher, a man whose magic powers, enhanced by long training and a mysterious elixir, have made him a brilliant fighter and a merciless hunter. Yet he is no ordinary killer: his targets are the multifarious monsters and vile fiends that ravage the land and attack the innocent.
Sword of Destiny is the follow up to The Last Wish, and together they are the perfect introduction to a one of a kind fantasy world.

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The Last Wish
Sword of Destiny

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Translated from original Polish by David French

Book Reviews


Great book!5 star

Thoroughly engaging read. Had been having a hard time finding a book that didn’t feel like a chore until I found this book of short stories.55


The last line5 star

Had me in shivers55


Amazing5 star

I am absolutely in love with these books. Such great work!55

J.Stuart Lowe

Fantasy writing at its finest.5 star

A fantastic read! Sapkowski weaves an another amazing tale in the world of the Witcher. Told purposely in parts and wholes as if in a dream or memory. He creates a vivid, spectacular world filled with well written, and driven visuals. He characters are robust and well plot is well developed. Some stories are told beginning to end as a linear plot but Sapkowski refuted that method and draws the reader in with well written intentions by tying the plot together with his winding and deceptively displaced timeline.55


Amazing as usual!5 star

The second installment of the Witcher series. This one ends right where season 1 on Netflix finishes. Another good read, loved the short stories in this one and even more so how it all wrapped together.55


Getting spicy5 star

Starting to follow a more recognizable linear story. If you watch the Netflix series this is sorta close to where the first season leaves off. The story about little eye was probably my favorite part even though the ending is sad.55

Am book reader

Witcher5 star

I read all the books before watching the series. I can’t believe I’m giving a fantasy 5 stars, I’m mostly a sci-fi fan, but this is an extraordinarily great series of books. My time is limited so when I read for pleasure, it has to be good. Highly recommend.55


What Fantasy Fiction Can Be5 star

I cannot believe I am giving a 5-star review for a fantasy collection. Spend the time to read the preceding collection to setup an afternoon by the winter fire. Or just read it.55


Another excellent work5 star

I’ve not looked into the author but he’s a man who understands the complexity of combat and injury. I throughly enjoyed this work.55

•ΞHΔßż.! ♛

Wow!5 star

It is a masterpiece55

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