Victorian Restraint: Sapphic Shackles

Victorian Restraint: Sapphic Shackles Summary

This 5,400+ word erotic story is for mature readers only and features F/f BDSM in a group Victorian era setting. Part of the Victorian Restraint series.


Molly laughed sweetly. "Don't worry, you can call me Molly. We all go by first names here, except when Mistress is about. You simply do what she tells you to." Molly linked her arm through Daisy's and walked her to the grand entrance to the hall. "And then," she whispered." You'd better do everything Mistress says. But you'll learn that soon enough, I’m sure."

Daisy couldn't help but wonder what Molly meant, but she was already inside the door. Here the other young ladies of the academy were waiting in two rows of three, each giving her a little friendly nod as she walked inside. With a lump in her throat, Daisy nodded back.

They seemed friendly enough and all was well until she came to the end of the row, where Mistress Wicket was waiting for her.

Daisy gasped at the sight of the academy's headmistress. Mistress Wicket was tall and whippet slim in head-to-toe black, her aristocratic features very beautiful, but very cold. Her hair was jet black as was the riding crop she held in her delicate hand, her long, lovely fingers wrapped tightly around its sturdy handle.

She tapped the crop against her palm as Daisy walked up to her on trembling legs. "How do you do, Miss Wicket? My name is Daisy."

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