How a Unicorn Deals With Loneliness

How a Unicorn Deals With Loneliness Summary

As reviewed on "The School Reading List" - July 2020 - a site run by UK librarians and teachers for suggested reading books for primary and secondary aged children in the UK: - "Charming co-written book for children aged 4-9. Dealing with themes of feeling isolated, courage in the face of adversity, the importance of keeping mentally and physically healthy and being resilient. We thought this book fitted in perfectly with the mood of the world at the moment. It's idea to read at home and maybe inspire the writing bug in your own child!"

We have all felt lonely sometimes - those first few weeks at a new kindergarten, school or job or even arising out of all sorts of situations when we have been at these places for quite some time. Utilising beautiful pictures and memorable text - this story is a gentle,  yet powerful reminder to stay positive, patient and healthy during such trying times - in short - to rise up, be brave and be-your-own-best-friend. 

“It is a little known fact that when a child dreams of a Unicorn - one is born somewhere between this world and the next.”

Follow the story of Unicornia, born of a child’s dream -  materialising on earth and coming to terms with a feeling she does not yet recognise (loneliness) - yet is determined to “solve” in a practical straight forward, charming and sometimes unintentionally humorous manner - doing the best she can - from what she knows - and how she sees it.

This is the first of our books. There are more to come. No book is published unless it passes the “in awe” factor by way of kindergarten and primary school public readings.

Category: Early Learner, Early Reader, Humour and Adventure.       

Recommended for ages 2 to 9 and everyone else.

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