Spirit Destroyed: Ghost and Esoteric Paranormal Romance

Spirit Destroyed: Ghost and Esoteric Paranormal Romance Summary

A soul-eater has ripped my sister's soul from her body and unless I can find her in the grey-mists, she'll be lost forever.

Elliot thinks he's a bad man. A crooked cop and a murderer, but I know different. I see his soul and it's beautiful. If only he would believe me.

We astral travel to a pocket dimension created by a man from Elliot's past. Black John is more than a criminal. He controlled the grey-mists and created the soul-eaters, making his own kingdom to take over the world, but he needs the angelic power Elliot hid before he died.

Chased by hit men, we find sanctuary in Elliot's home where he lived with his wife and child decades ago. The wife and child I'm stopping him from finding again in his afterlife. I have to let him go. It's the right thing to do even if it destroys me.

But my ethereal cord is fading and it's only a matter of time before I'm trapped, forever under Black John's rule. Even my guardian angel can't hear my plea. In a final bid to rescue my sister, the angelic power attaches itself to me, too ancient and powerful for a mere human soul to control. I raise more than demons from a hell portal I accidently open.

I tried to save Laura. I tied to protect Elliot but I might have doomed us all.

Fans of 'Ghost', 'The Ghost Whisperer', and those who enjoy reading about ghosts, angels, demons , reincarnation with a healthy dose of woo woo will like this series. This is a slow burn mf romance that is meant to be read as a series. There are cliffhangers at the end of each book, with a developing plot where everything comes together at the end. You'll need to read all five books to enjoy the full scope of the story because there will be unanswered questions along the way.

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