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The #1 New York Times bestseller by the 7-time Super Bowl champion

The first book by former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady—the 7-time Super Bowl champion who is still reaching unimaginable heights of excellence in his forties—a gorgeously illustrated and deeply practical “athlete’s bible” that reveals Brady’s revolutionary approach to sustained peak performance for athletes of all kinds and all ages.

In this new edition of The TB12 Method, Tom Brady further explains and details the revolutionary training, conditioning, and wellness system that has kept him atop the NFL at an age when most players are deep into retirement. Brady—along with the expert Body Coaches at TB12, the performance lifestyle brand he cofounded in 2013 with Alex Guerrero—explain the principles and philosophies of pliability, a paradigm-shifting fitness concept that focuses on a more natural, healthier way of exercising, training, and living. Filled with lessons from Brady’s own training regimen, The TB12 Method provides step-by-step guidance on how develop and maintain one’s own peak performance while dramatically decreasing injury risks. This illustrated, highly visual manual also offers more effective approaches to functional strength & conditioning, proper hydration, supplementation, cognitive fitness, restorative sleep, and nutritious, easy-to-execute recipes to help readers fuel-up and recover.

Brady steadfastly believes that the TB12 approach has kept him competitive while extending his career, and that it can make any athlete, male or female, in any sport and at any level achieve his or her own peak performance and do what they love, better and for longer. With instructions, drills, photos, in-depth case studies that Brady himself has used, along with personal anecdotes and experiences from his legendary career, The TB12 Method gives you a better way to train and get results with Tom Brady himself as living proof.

Book Reviews


Almost as expected1 star

There is no evidence based method-he has good genes and a staff of people who do everything to keep him in shape-no reason for anyone to read this .By the way this was written by an MD.Ph.D.who recently rode 190 miles on a road bike in 10 hours at the age of 71.Save your money.Much better books available.15


Best book ever5 star


PVT Goins

Thanks Tom5 star

I’m a big fan of Tom, I love what’s he’s done for the game. Thanks for printing out the knowledge such a great read.55

Chicago Jim1111

Repetitive2 star

I thought of playing a drinking game where you have to drink every time the word pliability is used and you have no clue what pliability is. After the first chapter I would have been completely wasted, and In the hospital with alcohol poisoning after chapter 2. The book seemed like a long infomercial. The arrogance/greed to create a TB12 brand of products to monetize this stuff was unsettling. A website with $80 yoga mats, $150 foam rollers, electrolytes and protein powders? We already know you are rich, so just tell us some products you like. Don't go create your own knockoffs to make a couple of extra bucks.25


Pass on This2 star

Was very disappointed in the book, workouts were like a glorified men’s health magazine and all the background on his career was Wikipedia type information. It introduced nothing that was groundbreaking or new and I think anyone looking for a general level of fitness and good health could find the same if not better information on reputable Internet sites25

Season Salt

Tom Brady5 star

You know why I pre ordered this? Tom Brady. A good read as well. I’m going to work to become the best me with thenTB12 method.55

Disappointed Pats Fan

Sorry1 star

I never wrote a negative online review in my life, until now. This entire book was a sales pitch on why I need a membership to the TB12 facility in Foxboro MA. The book is so repetitive I’m pretty sure it could have been written on the back of a baseball card. I kept listening hoping that it would get better, it didn’t. Commuting is bad enough, this made it worse. I’m sure the book will be a financial success, Tom-make us all happy about spending 17 bucks and donate the proceeds to Boston First Responders. Why don’t you stick to what you’re good at, being a QB in the NFL. Good luck today against the Texans.15

Glossy's friend

🐐5 star


Moe money $$$

Great book!!!!!5 star

Great book!!!55


🤘🏻🔥🏈5 star


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