Bayonetta Collector's Edition Guide

Bayonetta Collector's Edition Guide Summary

Learn how to play Bayonetta with absolute perfection: It’s taken us more than 8 months to completely master Bayonetta. 6,000 incredible hours of testing, observation and intense play, and over 200,000 words to record our experience on more than 400 pages. The result is probably the most complete guide to date. Bayonetta deserves to be mastered, and this guide is your key!

Pure Platinum: Its unique Battle Guide shows you how to get a Pure Platinum medal in every single Verse of every Chapter. Fighting beautifully is all that matters here, as we focus on achieving the highest ranks, even on the Non Stop ∞ Climax setting.

Visual Scenario Guide: Locate any item quickly and easily, or simply find out how to proceed using our map-based visual walkthrough. You won’t miss a single collectible, and even the best-hidden Verses are revealed at a glance.

Perfect Combat: The unparalleled depth of Bayonetta’s combat system is analysed and laid bare. Weapons, combos, accessories and advanced techniques are all covered and discussed in exquisite detail. We show this game as it’s meant to be played.

Opponents Analysed: Learn everything there is to know about the various types of Angels and Bosses, their weak spots, attack and defence data, attack cues and techniques, so that you can beat them with style. Whether they are lightning fast or gigantic in size, our strategies show you how to eliminate them without taking a single hit – on even the hardest difficulty setting!

Bayonetta Exposed: There is a wealth of secret weapons, characters and bonus content to discover. We show you all there is. The non-stop combat of Angel Slayer mode is covered in full detail, as we break down every battle in every stage. The Achievements/Trophy Guide recommends the quickest way to complete all the challenges and provides extra tips on how to succeed in the really tough ones.

The Art of Bayonetta: Exclusive 2-hour interview with PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya and Yusuke Hashimoto. Plus “The Art of Bayonetta”, a gallery section with rendered computer graphics, early sketches and beautiful concept drawings.

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