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For the Rest of Us Summary

Ben Hogan, author of The Modern Fundamentals of Golf ,  believed that golfers with average coordination could learn to break 80 if they applied themselves intelligently to learning his concepts.  

Author Mike Stair has created this companion piece from the position of an average golfer.  He has benefited from Mr. Hogan's instruction and has applied more than thirty years of teaching and analysis to the clarification of Hogan's more obscure instructions.  If you are eager to improve your game, and wish someone could explain it in terms you can make sense of, this bookwill help lower your score while raising your appreciation for Ben Hogan and the game he played so well.

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Don't waste your time buy the real book1 star

Don't waste your time with this buy the real 5 Lessons by Ben Hogan. Mr Hogan's book apparently is not available on iBooks. I downloaded this thinking it was the real book. Mr Stair I am sure with the best intentions changed many of the messages and details of the real Hogan text. This book will not improve your game at all. Buy the real Ben Hogan Five Lessons book. Mr Hogan is very detailed in what you need to do to create a repeatable swing, and it works. I purchased it last night unfortunately through another device. After reading the chapter on the grip I am writing this review. Mr Hogan is very detailed but very easy to understand unlike how the author of this book depicts the real 5 Lessons book. I can go on and on but truly buy the real 5 lessons if you want to improve your game. Buy this book if you want to waste $4.15


Blatant Misdirection1 star

I actually own Ben Hogan’s “Five Lessons…” book in hard copy but wanted a copy for my iPad/laptop. I thought that this was it, and considering that even the cover art is the same - that this was a good deal. Wrong. This is some guy who has “rewritten” the book “for the rest of us.” I didn’t even get past page 1. Save your money.15


Not cool Apple!!!4 star

This is not Hogans Book! Scammers 🍎45


Cliff notes version of Hogan's masterpiece1 star

Mike Stair's summary of Ben Hogan's Five Fundamentals adds nothing. The author simply summarizes some of the major points of Hogan's book and adds an uninformed interpretation, useless visuals, and no particular insight to help the average golfer. The beauty of Hogan's book is in it's simplicity. Most of the important instructional value is lost in the 'Cliff Note' translation.15

Brian Kraus

This is a terrible waste of time and money1 star

There is no help here. Just read Hogan's book. This thing is a waste of $4.0015

Skip Redford

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons1 star

I have over 25,000 hours studying Ben Hogan’s swing. I have read the majority of the books written about Mr Hogan. I would recommend buying the original : BEN HOGAN FIVE LESSONS THE MODERN FUNDAMENTALS OF GOLF. Do not waste your money on this book15


Best book5 star

This is the greatest book you will find on how to swing the golf club.55


Robbed..1 star

Typical review, I believe. Rushed in to purchase this based on the title (why wouldn't I), only to find out it's some random dudes take on the real book. Why would I search Ben Hogans five lessons, and want this guys cliff notes of Ben Hogans book. Robbed...15

Jimymac the cracker


What a scam!!! Come on Apple, this is a deliberate knockoff!!15

Raindrops Man

Ben Hogans Five lessons1 star

The worst! Like rewriting scripture. Total bull crap! Rate, 0.15

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