Letters from Catbug

Letters from Catbug Summary

Catbug writes letters to all his friends- super muscle guys, squawking cockatiels, and blurpleberries! Better watch out for that creepy old puppet from Zarsnip-7…

The third book in the series, Letters from Catbug, debuts all new lines written by Bravest Warriors writer, Jason Johnson, and illustrator Emily Jourdan gave Catbug a cute and cuddly makeover. Catbug is voiced by beloved Bravest Warriors' voice actor, Sam Lavagnino. Find out what over 4 million people who watched the Catbug episode of Bravest Warriors are talking about. Everyone loves Catbug!

Each of the 10 original books in the series feature hilarious one liners that you can’t stop quoting. Collect them all!

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Book Reviews

Empress KiLi

My autistic son loves Catbug5 star

My son can’t get enough of the Catbug series. He love it on audio too 😍55

Amumu, the sad mummy

Oh dear lord how awesome5 star

I am 23 and a proud owner of these Catbug iBooks. It's adorable to be able to have Catbug read to me, and the writing is clever and cute! Pick it up!55


Nice book5 star

Great book. It's entertaining,thrilling and joyous. Great book!😃!😃55

Sharron Burgess

So Cute!5 star

I love the bravest warriors especially CatBug so when I saw this I just had to download it and I wasn't disappointed, So cute and amazing artwork55

Dgvfhxffg anonymous

Letters from catbug5 star

I love this happy book it is so funny I love the shorts on YouTube thank heaven for CATBUG!55


Cuteness5 star

This book makes me want to hug catbug. This is a really nice book that has many funny parts.55


Catbug - Our new favorite superhero5 star

I'm 45 and my son is 9, and we both like Catbug! We both read novels but we love reading Catbug sometimes for a good laugh. Catbug has a good perspective on life!55


Stupid1 star

Dumb book, doesn't make any sense.15

Watermelon Pie 226

Cat bug is sooooooper sweet!5 star

Even better than a piña colada!55


Catbug!!!5 star

I love this book so much! It so adorable, and the fact that Catbug actually reads it to you makes this so much more radical!55

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