Coronavirus Summary

The year 2020 began together with the coronavirus (COVID-19), and it has become clear that fear could be as dangerous as the disease itself. The era of communication and technology has allowed news and alarms such as the emergence of a new virus to travel and multiply at a dizzying speed. At the same time, all kinds of rumors circulate, and the World Health Organization deals with their denial or clarification. Also, amazing prophecies or extraordinary coincidences that would have accurately anticipated the existence of the coronavirus are propagated. How much is true and how much is business? How can we protect ourselves from biological viruses and the dangerous opportunistic viralization of news?

Book Reviews


Is not true2 star

Do not buy this book. Basically says the the Author made a coincidence but isn’t a true prophecy.25


The Eye of Darkness1 star

This is not the book. Save your $$. You can get this info free online. Sorry I did read these reviews first!15


Wow 🦠5 star

That crazy 🙉🤯🤭55


Original book available1 star

This isn’t the original book which is available here on iTunes or iBooks only as an audio version & it costs about $24.15


Don’t waste your money.1 star

I bought the book KNOWING that it’s a take on the novel. Not tho novel itself. But still this is so disappointing, everything you will read here you can see on YouTube or read it online. Please don’t waste your money, go buy vitamin C or something instead. I feel like I should get a refund. Smh!!15


Worth the read if you’re actually interested in the real topic.4 star

All these idiots buying it without thoroughly reading the title.... PAY MORE ATTENTION. Actually it makes some really worth while points. Worth the read if you’re actually interested in the topic MENTIONED ON THE COVER. If you’re looking for the real book it’s on here and it costs $23.99.45


I downloaded it5 star

I downloaded the real book off the internet I got the link to get to it55


Beware! This is not the original book “The Eyes of Darkness”1 star

This only talks about the Coronavirus and some of the references from Dean Koontz book. Don’t waste your money this is just taking advantage of the Coronavirus outbreak.15


Not the actual book1 star

I was looking for the original book of Dean Koontz and this isn’t it. Wasted money here.15

Raw Sadie

Well written worth reading5 star

The world of the internet. It will destroy us, makes us famous, open doors, and many more to list. However, smoke and mirrors it must be. Don’t be fooled by everything you see. Great read worth the knowledge.55

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