The Dolce Diet Living Lean

The Dolce Diet Living Lean Summary

Called the patron saint of weight cutting, Mike Dolce has coordinated the high-profile weight loss for the world’s top athletes, including…
- Quinton RAMPAGE Jackson, UFC / Pride FC world champion
- Vitor THE PHENOM Belfort, UFC two-time world champion
- Thiago PITBULL Alves, UFC title contender
- Chael Sonnen, WEC / UFC title contender 
- And many more!
The Dolce Diet: LIVING LEAN gives you:
- Recipes used in MMA’s top fight camps with gluten-free & vegan options
- Easy-to-follow sample meal plans 
- Strength & Conditioning exercises with instructions & photos
- Workout plans used by today’s top athletes

Book Reviews


Dolce Knows5 star

Best and easiest way to keep a healthy lifestyle. Love this book55


Basic stuff2 star

If you are new to exercise and nutrition, then this is the book for you. If you know the basics of exercise and nutrition, you probably don't need this book. Unless you want to learn more about the author and his stories, you can really get the same info on exercise and nutrition (& recipes) online. I was just trying to see if there was anything different with this system. But no.25

Attended Tiger

The revolution is here!5 star

This book is amazing! This book teaches you real principals and concepts that not only revolutionize your outlook on your health and fitness, but on life as well. If you try the Breakfast Bowl just once, you will be hooked. I wish I had this book 15 years ago.55


Accurate, Proven, & Simple5 star

Everything fundamental in life explained elementary and broken down in basic easy to understand simple steps. This book shows you the basics in living a lean lifestyle and positively changing the way you think about health and fitness. I love the basics breakdown because the way I learned to eat before was at a restaurant. I would arrive at a restaurant pick up a menu and say "huh, (scratch my head) appetizers are eaten first then a soup or salad. Okay my entrée is my main meal and then a dessert." And sometimes the waitress would asks me if I would like an espresso or coffee. I didn't know anything about only eating earth grown nutrients every 2 to 4 hours depending on what I did and what I'm going to go do. Including eating only until I'm satisfied not until I'm full. But also never counting calories only making every calorie I eat count toward what I am gonna do for the day. I read this book in a day and a half because I could not put it down. I will continue to read it every month just to keep everything fresh and clear.55


Best book on lifestyle/diet on the market5 star

Is is simple? Yes! But most of us aren't even doing it, no matter how simple it is. Buy it, read it, live it, and change your life forever!55


Wonderful !5 star

This is not just a diet guide , but a complete guide to changing your lifestyle. It really is great for long term results and not just a fad. I have purchased both this book and Living Lean. Both are great.55


Turqazo4 star

Mike dolce knows his 💩.👍i thought he was all hype.i read his book and he is a true professional when it comes to living clean for life.👋👍👊45

Pullin Mullen

Best life plan I have ever tried5 star

At 21 I could be in better shape. When I start the dolce diet I weighted 225 at 5'11''. When I was a senior in high school I was a starting varsity Athlete in football and wrestling as a Sophomore. I was 5'11" 185 all Muscle. My senior year I tore every Ligament in my left knee in the second game of my senior football season I lost a full ride to western Oregon. I gave up when that happened and slowly started to see the weight add on. Over the years I tried motivating myself to diet and exercise more but never had the Motivation to commit to them. As a Christmas gift my mom got me a year pass to the local gym. I was talking to a guy in the locker room about how to lose weight and fast. He recommended looking into the dolce diet. I bought the book on iTunes and read it in one day and made a meal plan and work out plan for a week. I've been using the dolce diet for one week now and I've already lost 5 pounds. This is the first diet I am actually motivated to use everyday because its not just another diet it is a lifestyle change. I can't wait to see the rest of the results from this amazing life change. I'd recommend it to everyone in America. Thank you mike for sharing your wisdom.55

Greg Reilly

Disappointing2 star

In fact, to say this was disappointing is quite an understatement25


Begineers only!1 star

I know now that I was impulsed when I bought this so average book about 'life-style', whole foods, eating right and gym rutines. I ate this 276 pages book in about 3 hours, most of it it's so average and I felt so mislead in the whole road. 12,99 for this book it's a robbery. For begineers maybe this advices could help. I had Mike Dolce in other pedestal. As a MMA practitioner, eating-right guy and a gym rat I felt very dissapointed with the poor content of this book.15

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