A Time to Die

A Time to Die Summary

They came from the night sky, lighting the heavens like the promise of salvation. But they didn't bring deliverance…they brought something far, far worse. Something that turns people into mindless, cannibalistic monsters. And it's spreading.

A reporter follows her story of unspeakable horror south of the border and finds it's worse than she imagined.

A wounded fighter pilot finally gets his chance to return to duty but is faced with a mission that could cost him his wings, or his country its chance.

A billionaire with dreams of space finds a crashed alien spacecraft unlike anything mankind has ever seen.

A brilliant geneticist conducting outlawed research comes face to face with the nightmare consuming the world faster than anyone can comprehend…or stop in time.

The government can't contain it. The military can't fight it. This is A Time To Die.

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A Time To Run


A Time To Run
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