Knock Knock Jokes For Kids

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Knock Knock
Who’s There?
Knock Knock Jokes
Knock Knock Jokes Who?
Knock Knock Jokes For Kids!
With added bear laughter by the press of a button!

Book Reviews

Memeboy 21

Garbage1 star



Joke book5 star

This book is so good55


Terrible1 star

These jokes are so awful and old fashioned they just make my brain cells die when I read them!!!!15

Ok book2 star

@izzy how are you awesome??????????25

I can't stop laughing

Very very funny stuff.5 star

Peter you are a great joke book writer and I think you could be a famous author. I say Keep up the good work don't stop writing 😂 your books are really funny I love your books55


Dumb Book!😡1 star

The jokes don't make sense!15


stupid1 star

This book was stupid and pointless.15


😠😠😠1 star

The jokes don't make sense15


Knock knock jokes for kids1 star

How old school. These jokes don't make sense and btw it's orange you going to open the door15

brendan haring

Good5 star


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