Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

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Knock Knock
Who’s There?
Knock Knock Jokes
Knock Knock Jokes Who?
Knock Knock Jokes For Kids 3!
With added bear laughter by the press of a button!

Book Reviews

stinky gerbi tush

Good but not great3 star

The book was good but not great because some of the jokes were funny but most of them are just plain boring put up any effort into the jokes in the book would be a little better but other than that is good but not great and Cearley Addison Thiele.35


Knock knock5 star

My daughter and I, just read the entire book and laugh from all the jokes. Thanks55


Bear4 star

I played the bear during class and everyone laughed out loud45


These jokes are horrible2 star

I thought that these jokes were funny they were awful. Nobody laughed at them because they are not jokes awful just awful.25


Funny5 star

This book is awesome55


Boring1 star


626 hrt

.??2 star

Not that funny. :-/25

Giggle at least

Y5 star

M Lmkijnnnmmmmj to get my money back on Sunday and Monday night football55

I love cheese more than anyone

Bad1 star

Not even close to being funny!!!15

Francesco reject

I don't know what this is ?1 star

I think it's dum 😡15

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