More Christmas Jokes for Kids

More Christmas Jokes for Kids Summary

Every kid loves Christmas right?

More Christmas Jokes For Kids will keep your kids entertained and laughing for hours with a selection of awesome Christmas Jokes.

And what does Santa sound like when he laughs?  Download and see with added Santa laughter  at the Push of a Button!  Ho Ho Ho and a Merry Christmas!

Book Reviews

mo mo jo jo

Disappointment2 star

This was very bad .25

Ameera Isabela Joley Neal

Santa jokes5 star

Santa jokes are boring you need to put more energy in to it55


A little Adult content1 star

I did not like this book for my child there was some inappropriate parts through our the book that a children’s book should not have poop working out poop runing I did not like this book15


Wow1 star



Not worth it1 star

It is not funny at all15

Quetzal #1

A total rip off1 star

Only 15 jokes in the entire book. Ads fill out the rest.15

Gamma Leslie

More Christmas jokes for kids1 star

A waste of money15


More Christmas jokes for kids5 star

Best book ever I like it so much my mom likes it too I am 9 years old and in 4th grade😄55


Jokes5 star

I love Christmas jokes❤️💗!55

What do you call a wet animal?

I get it5 star

What do you call a wet animal? A Rain-Deer I get it a Rain Deer. Rain is wet, and animal is deer.😂55

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