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Twentieth Anniversary Edition with Contributions from Joe Hill and Owen King


Immensely helpful and illuminating to any aspiring writer, this special edition of Stephen King’s critically lauded, million-copy bestseller shares the experiences, habits, and convictions that have shaped him and his work.

“Long live the King” hailed Entertainment Weekly upon publication of Stephen King’s On Writing. Part memoir, part master class by one of the bestselling authors of all time, this superb volume is a revealing and practical view of the writer’s craft, comprising the basic tools of the trade every writer must have. King’s advice is grounded in his vivid memories from childhood through his emergence as a writer, from his struggling early career to his widely reported, near-fatal accident in 1999—and how the inextricable link between writing and living spurred his recovery. Brilliantly structured, friendly and inspiring, On Writing will empower and entertain everyone who reads it—fans, writers, and anyone who loves a great story well told.

Book Reviews

Big Daddy Mas

Good advice4 star

At first I was like, is this a memoir or an instruction, a little of both and very well done!45


Boring2 star

Starts with an autobiography with little tidbits. Towards the middle of the book is where “real” writing instruction happens, which is very generous to begin with. Best advice he’s given is to simply read a lot and write a lot.25


Great Book5 star

Excellent book for any author looking to get started writing... and stay writing.55


Love it5 star

I love this book and can’t wait to read it again!55


Invite Stephen over for some tea and listen for a while5 star

If you’d like to have Stephen King come over and tell you several engaging story about his life and learn some great tips on the process of writing, this is the book!55


Excellent5 star

I read this book for a final essay assignment, and I had so much to highlight. The stories at the beginning were well told and lighthearted, and the seamless segway into the this and that of writing made the topic that much more interesting. King is an excellent writer, and the way he wrote and explained writing, filling the book with stories, and funny comments of his, it was almost as though the book was one of those can’t put it down books. Highly recommend.55


Great book loved it5 star

Such an amazing person55


A brilliant read for any writer!5 star

Fantastic! That is all.55


Smashing5 star

Enough said55

Johnny Garlic

Generous5 star

That's the word that comes to mind. That is, Stephen King did not have to write this book; it's evident throughout that he did it out of the kindness of his heart, in an effort to truly GIVE BACK to his fans and aspiring writers. For that I'm truly grateful. I took advantage of his generosity and latched onto and analyzed every word, especially the many words intended to motivate, enable, and inspire aspiring writers. Stephen is not only a great teacher, he is a very grateful and inspiring human being who loves his craft passionately, and is brutally honest about what it takes to succeed in the field. I honestly don't know how he could have made this book any better. It is perfect. Thank you, Mr. King.55

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