Slow Cooking for Two

Slow Cooking for Two Summary

From a James Beard Award–winning author,creative and easy recipes, tips, and techniques for your slow cooker.

Meals for two have never been so easy or delicious. Using nothing more than a slow cooker for heat and a few common kitchen helpers―like foil, mini loaf pans, ramekins, a metal jar ring, a glass baking dish, plastic liners, and a stick blender―Cynthia Stevens Graubart turns the common slow cooker (3 1/2-quart) into a multi-use cooking convenience. Slow Cooking for Two includes basic instructions and creative methods for 100 recipes, plus tips and techniques.

Now a busy two-person household can enjoy easy-to-assemble, low-maintenance, effortless meals from this go-to cookbook with chapters including everything from soups to desserts and even a special chapter on Double Dinners—two different meals cooked in the same slow cooker at the same time!

Plug in your 3 1/2-quart slow cooker and enjoy the reward of tasty, easy recipes that cook unattended. Don't miss Lime Pot Roast, Cornish Hen in Port Wine and Fig Preserves, Mozzarella-Stuffed Meatloaf, Kale and Kielbasa Soup, Eggplant Parmesan, Foil Pouch Lemon-Dill Salmon, Chocolate Cake, Banana Bread, Lemon Curd, Ginger Peach Butter, and more!

Book Reviews


Easy to Follow, Simple & Delicious — and Portion-Perfect4 star

I love the plain conversational tone Chef Cynthia writes in, avoiding obscure (to us non-chefs) cooking verbiage. She includes tips — and often answers ‘why bother’ — as she progresses through each recipe, reducing the chance of me botching things by cutting corners. The handy suggestions for stocking pantry, fridge and freezer makes it easy to be ready for virtually any meal — or craving. I’m excited to find several recipes I can’t wait to try, like lemon curd, which until now I avoided because of the time-consuming nature of traditional recipes. The chef includes handy conversions and I love that the flavorings she uses aren’t totally trendy or too “out there” for me, as I’m someone with allergies to several herbs and spices. The recipe collection offers plenty of good, wholesome main dishes and sides, as well as tasty treats I’m looking forward to testing out on my husband. Thanks to this acclaimed chef for thinking of those of us who love slow cookers but have had them stashed away because of the no-longer-needed large meals and excess that so often comes with cooking for two. Here’s to the reappearance of my trusty slow cooker, and new recipes or twists to try for two! PS— I would have given 5-stars if there were more photos… I love to see what things should look like and am enticed by pictures. My favorite cookbooks have a photo for each recipe, and this book would have easily earned five stars from me if this was the case!45


Good, but recipes *need* small slow cooker4 star

Good basic slow cooker book for small batch, 2-person cooking. BUT be aware that all recipes are designed for use with a small, 3.5-qt slow cooker (when most slow cookers are 5-6 qt size). Using a larger slow cooker with these recipes *could* affect results. So if you have a small slow cooker then this book might be ideal for you. Otherwise, no.45

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