End of Days

End of Days Summary

Fifty ATF agents raid a remote compound outside Waco, Texas, at dawn to execute search and arrest warrants.  The search warrant identifies two .50-caliber Browning Machine Guns; the arrest warrant names Jesus Christ.  The ATF agents don't make it to the front doors.  

Ninety miles south in Austin, Professor John Bookman reads a letter from an old woman whose daughter took her two young girls to live in a religious cult six years before.  Her daughter wrote that the End of Days is near.  She fears they might drink the Kool-Aid.  She begs Book to save her granddaughters.  The cult inhabits a massive compound called the Garden of Eden outside Waco. 

Book and his intern travel to the compound intent on bringing the girls out peaceably, only to find the Feds there first—and to learn that peace is not an option. 

Book Reviews


Well written, BUT3 star

The incredibly long rants near the end are tedious... really drags out the story ... page after page of the diatribe... The story finally got so boring and the plot so dumb I had to give up. With only a couple of chapters left. I found that I could simply not care less about how it ended.35


End of days3 star

A little long winded with JC’s sermons. Skipped most of it but enjoyed the story.The man was knowledgeable but long winded. Boring!35

Running Ohma

‘Truth’ in fiction with loads of humor5 star

This book tells a story in a humorous and lively way. Truly a master piece of fiction based on fact. I could not put it down and I reread parts over and over laughing to the point of tears while capturing the seriousness of the plot behind the humor. Thank you for an amazing write Mr Gimenez55


Idiotic1 star

After many years and 100s of iBooks this book will be my 1st unfinished read. This is the Jim Carey of books - “Dumb & Dumber”. And that’s exactly the story line - just get dumber. This trash is written by a previously admired author. Guess he needed a few bucks.15


End Of Days5 star

It really was an amazing read. I felt I was in the compound w Professor Book and his intern Veronica. There’s a lot of depth here.55


End of Days5 star

Politics, law, religion, economics combine in this satirical novel. Grab a full night of sleep, and thermos of coffee in the morning and begin reading. I challenge you to put it down.55


Con Law “End of Days”4 star

I enjoyed the book but would have enjoyed it a lot more had there had been less profanity.45

watercolor paul

End of Days Con Law II5 star

Wait! You really don’t want to put this one down. The characters take off into parts only known to themselves and you are eager to joing them on their journey. Great dialogue, funny. Ready for Netflix’s or Amazon Prime - are you reading? Current day dilemmas torn from the headlines with fresh insight into what they may or may not mean. Mark Gimenez is an author you SHOULD READ. I have enjoyed every one of his books from first to current.55


End of days5 star

Oh, Mark Gimenez!! I LOVE your books. I have read ALL of them! Looking forward to the next one...55


End of Days5 star

An irreverent romp through a twisted lens of the Waco stand off. Giminez spares no one as he takes readers by the throat. A real page turner...you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll question and you will enjoy a good read.55

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