The Girl With 2 Hearts

The Girl With 2 Hearts Summary

You would think that if you were in line to sit on the British throne as Queen, you wouldn’t go running down to Africa during the Boer War hoping to find that bug, Jack Pierce, who left you without so much as a ‘Goodbye, Princess.’ Wouldn’t you?

On the other hand, Jack Pierce is not Jack Pierce, so who you going to be mad at if you find him?

The Girl With Two Hearts is an exciting, adventure-filled love story introducing Queen Victoria's fictional, errant niece, Victoria Regina Dormier. Dormier becomes a motorcycle messenger in the Second Boer War in Africa, but only to go in search of the "one who got away." Known to her fellow drivers simply as Dormier, the royal runaway has a mind of her own, some powers inherited from her late mother and a special gift from her deceased father.

Dormier finds that her love, her dedication, even her Magick powers, are all put to the test as she searches for Jack, (whose other name is, uh, Alice…oh dear!) while confronting the realities that Auntie's Empire is causing some major pain down in Africa.

Things that were not on Dormier’s bucket list include having serious doubts about her ability to survive all the conflicting emotions of love and life, dodging bullets, risking her reputation and almost single-handedly losing the war for Auntie. Trying to stay one step ahead of the enemy, Dormier is called on to employ her special powers, so she doesn’t get much sleep and she certainly has little time for love.

But it finds her--behind the enemy lines. Victoria Dormier is pretty much everything you’d expect from a young woman who is 65th in line of succession to the throne of Great Britain---a little crazy, a risk-taker, a passionate adventurer and…Jack’s girlfriend. This is a Royal like you’ve never seen one!

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