The Towers - DS Connolly - Book One

The Towers - DS Connolly - Book One Summary

Oppression. Despair. Rebellion

What pushes a teenager from the toughest sink estate in East London to join The Met? 

Book Description

The Towers is the first book in the East End Noir Series by Natalie Hames and introduces the young DS Matthew Connolly.

Set against the dismal backdrop of 90's social housing, The Towers will plunge you into the fight for survival in a community ruled by gangs. Connolly soon discovers even the pure of heart can unwittingly slide into the world of organised crime when a loved one hits crisis point. Will he stay beneath the gang's radar, or fight fire with fire, alone?

Lovers of crime fiction and noir will find The Towers will satisfy their hunger for a fast-paced, hard hitting story with unexpected twists and turns.

Download The Towers today and absorb yourself into a terrifying world where gangs and corruption rule.  

Reader Reviews

"Cracking read easy to follow full of action couldn't put it down..."

"If you haven't read this book then you don't know what your missing, couldn't put it down once I had started it."

"Absolutely brilliant lots of twists and turns."

"Found all 3 of D.S.Connolly by chance but boy am I glad I did them you won't be sorry"

"From the very first page onward I was hooked and could not drag myself away..."

"Another cracking read from Natalie Hames"

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