Blackout Summary


It’s time for a black exit.

Political activist and social media star Candace Owens addresses the many ways that Democrat Party policies hurt, rather than help, the African American community, and why she and many others are turning right.

Black Americans have long been shackled to the Democrats. Seeing no viable alternative, they have watched liberal politicians take the black vote for granted without pledging anything in return. In Blackout, Owens argues that this automatic allegiance is both illogical and unearned.

She contends that the Democrat Party has a long history of racism and exposes the ideals that hinder the black community’s ability to rise above poverty, live independent and successful lives, and be an active part of the American Dream. Instead, Owens offers up a different ideology by issuing a challenge: It’s time for a major black exodus. From dependency, from victimhood, from miseducation—and the Democrat Party, which perpetuates all three.

Owens explains that government assistance is a double-edged sword, that the Left dismisses the faith so important to the black community, that Democrat permissiveness toward abortion disproportionately affects black babies, that the #MeToo movement hurts black men, and much more. Weaving in her personal story, which ushered her from a roach-infested low-income apartment to1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, she demonstrates how she overcame her setbacks and challenges despite the cultural expectation that she should embrace a victim mentality.

Well-researched and intelligently argued, Blackoutlays bare the myth that all black people should vote Democrat—and shows why turning to the right will leave them happier, more successful, and more self-sufficient.

Book Reviews

Rain Man II

Blackout5 star

An amazing and insightful book by a powerful young lady. She was blessed by a loving grandfather, that rescued her from the cave and led her into the sunlight.55


Clear book on what others are afraid to say5 star

This book has such a vivid, unique, description that others are afraid to speak out about. Highly recommend!55

Walatay H.

Well Done5 star

Owens takes on the difficult task of attempting to bring Black Americans (myself included) into the light of truth. She provides empirical evidence to support her statements and challenges the lies that we as a people have bought into wholeheartedly. If you’re not a historian at heart, this book will provide all of the foundation you need to make better more informed decisions about the world around you. Truly a great piece of work.55

Darth Cthulhu

🌴1 star




An excellent, honest take on America. She says what everyone deep down knows is true, but what most are unwilling to say.55


Great mind opening5 star

Very vivid and constructive to show some realities that have been viciously hidden by the media and political establishments Candace Owens holds very interesting surgical terms that do the deed in putting a vital message outwards55


Outstanding Book5 star

Thank You Candace Owens! I am so moved by this book!!!55


Instead of me too... me take responsibility for my actions5 star

Candice sets an example of how you make it in this world. If you can’t succeed in the richest economy in the history of the world you are forever doomed.55


Every tribe tongue and nation needs to read this5 star

Candace, your book is well written. LOVED IT!!! What an accomplishment! I’d like to see these haters do that. How is it that ppl just know what you think and how you feel? You can’t tell them what the are thinking and feeling. Just pray for them. Funny, how ppl pin lies all up on you. SO PROUD of you! I’m praying that your book opens the eyes of many and changes the heart of people. Also, Praying for your and you family as y’all welcome your newest blessing!55


Very compelling arguments5 star

She makes some great points that give another perspective to what is going on in America now.55

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