How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps

How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps Summary

A growing number of Americans want to tear down what it’s taken us 250 years to build—and they’ll start by canceling our shared history, ideals, and culture.

Traditional areas of civic agreement are vanishing. We can’t agree on what makes America special. We can’t even agree that America is special. We’re coming to the point that we can’t even agree what the word America itself means. “Disintegrationists” say we’re stronger together, but their assault on America’s history, philosophy, and culture will only tear us apart.

Who are the disintegrationists? From Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States to the New York Times’ 1619 project, many modern analyses view American history through the lens of competing oppressions, a racist and corrupt experiment from the very beginning. They see American philosophy as a lie – beautiful words pasted over a thoroughly rotted system. They see America’s culture of rights as a façade that merely reinforces traditional hierarchies of power, instead of being the only culture that guarantees freedom for individuals.

Disintegrationist attacks on the values that built our nation are insidious because they replace each foundational belief, from the rights to free speech and self-defense to the importance of marriage and faith communities, with nothing more than an increased reliance on the government. 

This twisted disintegrationist vision replaces the traditional “unionist” understanding that all Americans are united in a shared striving toward the perfection of universal ideals.

How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps shows that to be a cohesive nation we have to uphold foundational truths about ourselves, our history, and reality itself—to be unionists instead of disintegrationists. Shapiro offers a vital warning that if we don’t recover these shared truths, our future—our union—as a great country is threatened with destruction.

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Fantastic5 star

Shapiro adeptly outlines America’s history and what’s at stake moving forward in this well-researched and thoughtful book. He makes strong arguments against those who wish to condemn America and transform it into something decidedly un-American. Highly recommend.55


no1 star


BOC me262

Great read.5 star

I found it to be very fair and informative. In a way it was sad , because they things he writes about are already occurring . I really pray that the left will reconsider the path they are choosing.55


I didn’t read this book, but....3 star

I didn’t read this book but I just want to say that reviews here are for the book and not a synopsis of the author. When people read the reviews here please give them a chance to read the book before you give them a negative perspective of the author. If you don’t like the book that’s fine and that’s why the reviews are here, but please don’t write about the author if the book was fine. Thank you.35


Great book5 star

Was a great read and is very relevant and informative.55


Finally some non partisan facts5 star

It’s so refreshing to hear a take on American politics that is factually rooted as opposed to blatantly pushing false narratives in support of one extreme agenda.55


Grains of truth, beach of lies1 star

Wrong but compelling. Our actions depend on the stories we tell ourselves and his narrative is very appealing to many despite it falling apart if we are able to recollect the world as it was twenty or even ten years ago. We used to tell ourselves different narratives than the ones we do now. Those narratives were very comforting, even for many people to whom those narratives did a disservice. Ben is a smart guy and he’d probably eventually change his mind on many of these topics. But he’s risen to fame based on a certain worldview and so his worldview will be frozen forever.15


Great5 star

Just another great and informative book55

Adolf McCock

Good information, mediocre book.3 star

I really enjoy Ben Shapiro and his content. Even when I disagree with his arguments I still appreciate his thorough explanation of his logic. However, I felt that this book could have been one chapter - the disintegrationists. The book is broken down into chapters of philosophy, culture and history but they blend together constantly (because those topics in general blend together). I noticed myself asking the question “wait what chapter is this?” multiple times because they all feel the same. It is quality content but singularly focused on one subject.35


Terrible1 star

Baseless writing. Writes in a “matter of fact” manner but information is manipulated / groundless.15

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