Alcoholics Anonymous, Fourth Edition

Alcoholics Anonymous, Fourth Edition Summary

Known as the "Big Book," the basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous has helped millions of people worldwide get and stay sober since the first edition appeared in 1939. Opening chapters articulate A.A.’s program of recovery from alcoholism — the original Twelve Steps — and recount the personal histories of A.A.'s co-founders, Bill W. and Dr. Bob.
In the pages that follow, more than 40 A.A. members share how they stopped drinking and found a new healthier and more serene way of life through the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Whether reading passages at meetings, reading privately for personal reflection, or working with a sponsor, the Big Book can be a source of inspiration, guidance and comfort on the journey to recovery.
This Fourth Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous has been approved by the General Service Conference.

Book Reviews


Poorl page numbering1 star

Like my previous electronic version, the page numbers don’t line up with the print additions, but rather how it is displayed - frustrating for use in “live” meetings. I was hoping that this had been addressed but this was a waste of money for me15

Franko R

One of the greatest books ever written!5 star

This book Has brought me so much freedom and happiness!55


Alcoholics Anonymous 4th edition5 star

I have been going to Big Book study groups for over 14 years. This book has helped me to save my life.55


It Works if you Read it!!! :)5 star

Im not too sure what I would do without my Big Book. The book here in the virtual library is the best thing since sliced bread, and well worth the $6.00. My only issue, and correct me if I am wrong, because if I’m not, I hope that this can be addressed. I take my iPad to my meetings and like all other AA’s, pages are always referenced. The pages in here do not correlate with the physical version (4th addition). Am I just missing something?55

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