How to Sail with Dogs

How to Sail with Dogs Summary

Through our exhaustive research and real-life experiences sailing the world with two beagles, we share 100 tips about how to plan, prepare, and potty train for fun, safe sailing with your four-legged crew members. Learn about traveling with pets by air and by sea, potty training and exercising on board, first aid at sea, establishing routines, and keeping your pet SAFE! We also cover detailed customs requirements for U.S.- and European-based dogs entering into dozens of countries in Europe, Northwest Africa, Atlantic South America, the Caribbean, and North America. 

Chapters include:
- Pet-Friendly Boats
- Traveling with Dogs by Air
- Traveling with Dogs by Sea
- First Aid for Dogs at Sea
- Safety at Sea
- Potty Training on Board
- Establishing Routines
- When the Destination is not Dog Friendly
- Surviving Extreme Temperatures (Staying Warm/Keeping Cool)
- The Downside and the Upside of Sailing with Pets
- Bonus: How to Sail with Dogs Survival Kit
- General Guidelines and Requirements by Country

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