End of Days

End of Days Summary

Religious wars, global terrorism, pandemics, and genocide have all helped to usher in the Anxiety Age. Who better to lead the way out than popular psychic Sylvia Browne?

InEnd of Days, Browne tackles the most daunting of subjects with her trademark clarity, wisdom, and serenity, answering such difficult questions as: What's coming in the next fifty years? What do the great prophecies of Nostradamus and the Book of Revelation mean? If the world is really going to end, what will unfold in our final hours?

For anyone who's ever wondered where we're headed, and what—if anything—we can do to prevent a catastrophe of biblical proportions, End of Days is a riveting and insightful must-read.

Book Reviews


Yawn1 star

Very boring to read! Most of the predictions are untrue. However, she did predict the corona virus. Not worth the money!15


She was a fake.1 star

Sylvia brown was a fake and always preyed on weak people in thier time of need. Don’t bother reading this trash.15


Oy vey1 star

I can’t believe we bought this! $13? What a racket. Should have bought a real history book.15


Interesting read.5 star

I enjoyed reading the author’s insights. I disregarded a lot of the premonitions and predictions of the end of days because things actually got really deep for me when she began speaking of things regarding the spiritual nature. She made connections to thoughts that I’ve had made from years ago, and it was amazing to have sensations of familiarity about some things that she mentioned towards the ending of the book. I’m 23 now, and I’ve been feeling a loss of connection with my spiritual side and being spiritually in tuned with the universe during the last couple months of my 21st year of life and when I turned 22. However, after reading through the authors insights, the familiarity I’ve been feeling has somehow sparked a light within my spiritual self once more.55

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Right on Corona - Wrong 90% on everything else1 star

I keep an open mind. Was shocked to see the excerpt on Corona in 2020. Bought it. Read. Absolutely everything else is wrong. -Hover cars in 2024 -Solar on every house in 2020 Its seriously all fiction.15

Amber D Rose

Dean Koontz5 star

For all those saying that Dean Koontz predicted the virus, I implore you to look at the dates of the books before bashing Sylvia. Dean’s book was released in 2010, while this book was released in 2008.55


End of Days4 star

Actually Dean Koontz predicted this virus in his book The Eyes of Darkness-45


Mindblown1 star

And now it predicted right for the virus we’re dealing with.....15


A must read!!5 star

First I have to thank Sylvia for reconfirming what ive always known. Even in times of great disspair or when things seem like they will never get better rest assured that when the end of days comes God will be there to bring you home! I would recommend this book to any and everyone!55

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