The Power of Now

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This #1 New York Times bestseller is now available in paperback. Powerful, direct, heartfelt and transformative, the words in The Power of Now can change readers’ lives.

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Jada nova


Must read. I would recommend to EVERYONE regardless of what their going through in life !!!55


A life-transforming must read!5 star

The power of Now truly is full of “timeless” wisdom. It has completely changed the way I perceive myself and others. Not only that, I have also found a new daily practice— staying in the present moment. Though it is easier said than done, the instances I get to separate myself from “clock time” and savor the present moment, I commune with “I AM.” Thank you Eckhart!55


Eye opening5 star

Changed the way I see things.55


Life changing book5 star

This book has dramatically changed my life. I could literally write a book about this book. It has calmed my mind in a level I’m still trying to understand. I have found peace and quiet. I plan on rereading this book. I highly recommend this book to anyone, specially to those struggling to figure out life. Both my wife and I are reading it and we are in shock of how much we connect with the author. Anyway best book ever read.55


Amazing5 star

Simply amazing! A life changer book!55


If you see this buy the book5 star

Honestly I could not stop reading, such a powerful book55


Well Done!5 star

This was my second time reading this book. I’m sober now and decided to read it with a clear head. Very good insights and has given me a lot to work on. Extremely good read!55

Nour Asmandar

Spiritual reading5 star

It was a great journey it took me faraway from Ego mindset. The book changed Many misunderstandings of life and life situations. Such a great book.55


book review5 star

life changing55


Incredible5 star

Read just a few pages at a time and find peace, right now.55

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