The Elements of Style

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Make every word count with this timeless classic. The Elements of Style is one of the best-known prescriptive guides to American English grammar and its usage, and is often cited as one of the most influential books in the United States.

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Johnny Garlic

Well3 star

This is not the version the legendary EB White revised. For some reason that version is only avail in paperback or hardbound right now . Grrr35

D'Angelo Joyce

The Element of Style5 star

Excellent reference book! Also, the description correctly uses "its" rather than "it's" (it is).55


About the editions…2 star

Note • Editions where William Strunk is the sole author are based on the 1918 version • Editions by Strunk & White ( E B White ) are based on the 1950's updated book • Newer editions list additional writers • While this text has been a mainstay for grammar resource, this book is not without its critics. Most feel that this book is now aged & ready for retirement25

SaJo U.S.

No enough information1 star

I bought this book because I wanted to get rid of the paper version but I realised it did not have enough information. For instance, the Words and Expressions Commonly Misused section only had three words with the letter A, the book I have on the other hand, have 15 words with the letter A. Furthermore, it does not have another section call An Approach to Style.15


Excellent book; appalling description writer5 star

It's simply amazing that whoever wrote the description of this book, doesn't know the difference between "its" and "it's".55

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The Elements of Style


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