The Sheep Who Couldn't Sleep

The Sheep Who Couldn't Sleep Summary

One night down on Hillside Farm
Everything was quiet and calm
But all alone there lay a sheep
Who found he couldn't get to sleep.

Follow Sheep as he tries to find the best way to get to sleep and discovers that not all advice is good advice, and sometimes the right answer is close to home!

Makes an ideal bedtime story for children aged 3-7 years.

Book Reviews

Eevee honey

I love it5 star

At the end it has a good idea of how to fall asleep I love this children will find this amazingly cool too read! 💖💗55


Very nice5 star

Really nice bedtime story for my 1 yr old. He loved it. And I did as well55


Kid approved5 star

My daughter enjoyed this book. I did as well.55


Great rhyming story!5 star

My girls really enjoyed this book!55


Baby just fell asleep5 star

Just test this to my 2 month old and she passed out near the end! Rhythmic and easy to read, I love it!!!55

التميمي ٢٠١١

Nice cute story for me!5 star

Very cutee!55


Love it5 star



Cute little story for bed5 star

This will work as a bedtime story for my son :) simple and cute story55

RumRum Rein

Cute Sheep5 star

I love this story but the real thing to do to sleep is to think of nothing but I still love it55

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