Drawing Faces From Life

Drawing Faces From Life Summary

This book contains 50 annotated video drawings of faces from life for the artist to study. Best Drawing Book Ever! ★★★★★ by FineArtFan - Jan 22, 2021 This book is a treasure! It’s all about drawing portraits from life, but not the kind of portraits you find in a portrait gallery. These are portraits of regular people out in the world, in cafes, on subways, in parks. The artist/author, Nevin Berger, has done each drawing on an iPad and has recorded the process one pencil stroke at a time. On each page of the book, the drawing creation process plays back quickly so that you can see exactly how the drawing was done, mark by mark, erasure by erasure. It’s a fascinating process to see it all unfold and tremendously instructive to anyone who wants to learn to draw from life, or is just interested in how art creation happens. But the whole thing works because the drawings are so good! Watching Mr. Berger draw, one feels that one is learning from a master. And it’s great that the process is sped up; in just a matter of a few minutes the blank page becomes inhabited by a compelling personality. Mr. Berger adds helpful drawing tips with each portrait, as well as describing the circumstances under which the drawing was created. All and al, this book is an informative and entertaining experience!

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Impressively great quality and it’s free!5 star

This book far exceeds my expectations! Great explanation and nice animations!55


Impressive effort by a talented artist/writer5 star

Excellent informative how-to by a talented artist & natural teacher. Recommended for anyone who wants to learn or improve techniques of drawing the human form in great detail. Berger also uses the medium with deft and insight as he focuses on and breaks down for readers the various poses, expressions and anatomical forms.55


Excellent book!5 star

I loved this book. It was fun to read all the strategies and tips and then watch those concepts in process with the animation. I let everyone play through after reading the comments. I also enjoyed the antidotes about what was going on when the drawing was being done and the little bits of drama that was revealed at times. I really like Nevin’s approach to drawing portraits because it's wholistic and organic. It jives for me in the way that I see figures and faces. I like the discussion about the excitement of the process. And I have to say, it made me a bit envious every time I saw an eye socket or skull repositioned with such ease compared to my erasers. It's just great. I wish it were available over more formats besides just apple. Being able to have the drawing process come to life in a book is really a dream come true in a way. What a wonderful instruction! I'm recommending it to everyone I know who is interested in portraits and drawing.55

Moushoo 123

Delightful book!5 star

This is a very readable and entertaining book. It offers very helpful suggestions for those who might want to pick up a pencil and draw along with insights into the artist’s practice. It’s always fascinating to get a sense of what lies behind an artist’s work and this book succeeds very well. The drawings themselves have a sort of intimacy that makes the subjects come alive. I found myself wanting to spend time with each of the people rendered so beautifully in this delightful book.55


Excellent resource and beautiful book5 star

I highly recommend this book. Loved the unique format. Loved reading the about the decisions the artist made approaching each piece. Incredible to see the art come together line by line through this digital platform. Made me want to get out my sketch pad. Very informative and a pleasure to read.55


Wonderful5 star

Nevin Berger is a talented illustrator who, by animating his drawing, makes beautiful portraits look easy. Inspiring and educational at the same time.55


Great portraiture techniques to hone your skills...5 star

This unique digital book features a wide variety of examples and techniques featuring animated drawing builds. A great learning tool for those who seek to improve and hone there drawing skills accompanied by anecdotal narratives about each of the featured drawings.55

M Linden

Great resource5 star

Nevin Berger has created a book that fun to browse and a great learning resource.55


Life drawing explained with videos5 star

Mr Berger clearly describes his approach to life drawing with text and videos of a number of sketches. I enjoyed this book.55


The Artist’s Experience4 star

Wonder digital book format! Reading the text and watching the videos gives you insights to the decision process and experiencing the creative process. I think for many artists, the creative process is a bit of an active meditation founded in keen an accurate observations. I especially enjoyed watching how initial decisions and marks can be restated with new marks while leaving some of the original thinking in the final piece. These portraits capture the wide span of humanity. I nice visual diary where ever your travels take you. Nice work!45

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