Up from Slavery: An Autobiography

Up from Slavery: An Autobiography Summary

An Apple Books Classic edition.

“I was born a slave…in the midst of the most miserable, desolate, and discouraging surroundings.” Thus begins Booker T. Washington’s account of his incredible journey from a child enslaved on a Virginia plantation to one of the leading speakers and educators of the late 1800s. Washington shares formative experiences. He recalls carrying books to school for his master’s children while wishing he himself could learn and tells the story of how, after his family was emancipated, he walked almost 500 miles to enroll in a new school for Black people. Washington went on to found the famous Tuskegee Institute so that he could help others in his community receive a good education.

Throughout his personal anecdotes, Washington expresses his belief in the importance of education for creating a future free from oppression, particularly for Black people. His autobiography, and the ideas expressed within its pages, continue to spark conversation today, more than 100 years after its publication.

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