50 Pips a Day Forex Strategy

50 Pips a Day Forex Strategy Summary

50 Pips A Day Forex Strategy
This is a very clear and simple to follow forex trading strategy to get you started achieving consistent profits day after day trading the forex market. It will make you 50 pips per day or more every day.
It is ideal for beginner traders but it will give a great deal of help to more experienced traders that have not found a clear strategy to make profits consistently.
Support and Resistance
Moving Average
Time frame-4 hours chart
It is easy to understand and to put in practice. It has very well defined entry, stop loss and exit levels.

How to Build a Solid Trading System Apart from the strategy, this book also contains a very useful guide that teaches you how to construct a profitable forex trading system for yourself and how to avoid trading and money management mistakes.

Book Reviews


Must read for novice traders!5 star

Great read! Very good information which will definitely improve my trading.55

no glizzys

15 star

Great book. Helped me improve my entries on trades.55


Nice book honest and simple trading strategy5 star

His strategy is easy to understand the rest has to do with your psychology DCA works perfectly with this strategy55


Reading suggested5 star

Mandatory to read for all traders55


Dope sauce5 star

I really enjoy this book!!! The keys in this book unlocked my trading blockage!!! Thank you for writing this book55

Spidey Forex

50 pips a day5 star

Man, I’ve been trading for 6 months, and I’m 17. This book as helped me elevate. As I’ve felt stuck as of I’ve learned everything. I’m definitely going to go read the other 3 books you mentioned. Thank you so much!55


Straight to the point5 star

This book made me look at the charts in a different perspective. Definitely worth reading!55

Bebo Choiin

Great Book !!5 star

Excellent book I think that anyone with this book will earn a lot of money because everything is very well explained. @Bebo_Choiin55


Good book5 star

I would recommend this book and maybe even future books by the author . This book is short and still thoroughly explained.55


Helpful5 star

This book is precise and direct in its explanation,sounds like his warning about avoiding bad trades still rings in my head.I will suggest this book to at least those who are growing in trading like me,newbies should learn basics forex before reading this book,I didn’t get book the first time read it then it all made clear sense the second time I read it after my training in forex.Information in this book is “priceless “55

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