A Girl's Best Friend

A Girl's Best Friend Summary

Ruby Ross is the rising star plus-sized fashion since she's just signed the deal of a lifetime for a new line of retail shops across the country. Now she and her faithful corgi, Diamond, are constantly on the go overseeing the production of her franchises and getting to know all the must-meets of the fashion and beauty world.

As the heir to his father's enormous fitness and supplement empire, Brandon Price is constantly in the public eye. Assigning him to serve as the face of the brand, nobody ever asked what Brandon wanted out of life. And Brandon never knew either… until he set eyes on the big, beautiful powerhouse, Ruby Ross. She stands for everything his father hates, which makes him crave her that much more.

But Ruby has way too much to do to make time for idle flirtations. Besides surviving high school as a bigger girl has her a little gun shy when it comes to romance—and especially to pretty boys like Brandon. With the help of a mischievous, little Corgi, can these two put their differences aside to find love is much more than skin deep?

Each Celebrity Corgi Romance stands alone, but they're definitely more fun if you read the whole series together. Get your copy of A Girl's Best Friend and book your romantic escape today!

Book Reviews


A girl best friend4 star

How refreshing. No sex no violence just a good cute story. Go girl.45


Fake and Horrid1 star

The title of this review sums it up. If I could give 0 stars I would15

Kay 7072

A Diamond in the Rough5 star

What a fun, romantic romp with a reverse setting as the wealthy playboy under his daddy’s thumb breaks totally loose from his family business and financial security with absolutely no plans! A great read!55


3 stars3 star

I found certain elements of the story refreshing. The two main characters didn’t immediately jump into bed. I only wish there was more character development. The primary and supporting characters were wooden, without exception...lacking in depth, everything at the surface.35

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