Billion Reasons

Billion Reasons Summary

There are a billion reasons why you can't. Focus on the few reasons you can.

The last thing I need is a personal assistant. I'm good at my job, and, no matter what my interfering Mom thinks, I don't need help with that.

Yet, somehow, I've ended up with Lilah as my PA. And I like her. She's smart, she's funny, and she's making my life a hell of a lot easier.

But one business trip together, and everything changes. I never wanted this woman in my life, but now she's here, and I can't imagine it without her. Now that feels dangerous...

Assisting the Boss Series

Book 1 – Billion Reasons

Book 2 – Duke of Delegation

Book 3 – Late Night Meetings

Book 4 – Delegating Love

Book 5 – Suitors & Admirers

Book Reviews


Great book5 star

I love the reality of the book it makes me feel like I’m actually there :)55


A little boring😟2 star

It was boring. Too much back and forth and she kept repeating the scenes. I usually love all her writings but not this one.25

NatLeein SC

Bad1 star

Sorry but bad.15


Loved every bit!5 star

I love a good romance story but this had such a steamy desired fantasy twist to it I had just started reading book one the beginning of the week can’t believe I’m buying book two already props to you Lexi!55


Suckered in1 star

This is the typical billionaire self centered man brought down by the naive jobless woman. But what I really didn’t like that they don’t tell you this story is spread across four books. Sucker!15


Billion Reasons5 star

Great book. Sorry it ended.55

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