Cora's Heart

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A FULL-LENGTH STANDALONE, a great entry into the world of Rachael Herron's sexy and hilarious books. From international bestseller Rachael Herron, comes a book too delightful to put down: Cora has been hurt too many times, and by one man in particular. Abandoned by her mother and widowed in her mid-twenties, Cora Sylvan has learned the hard way that you should take nothing in life for granted. So everything is planned out to the last degree - from how to run her farm on a shoestring to how to survive a major earthquake. Unfortunately, there's nothing in those notes to cover the return of the infuriatingly handsome Mac Wildwood, her husband's cousin, the man she loved and lost. And Mac, it seems, has a secret plan of his own up his sleeve. Cora Sylvan safeguarded everything - but she didn't protect her heart . . . Rachael Herron seamlessly blends romance, friendship, and laughter. Barbara Bretton, USA Today Bestselling Author Relationships are at the heart of women's fiction, and Herron could teach a master class on creating them. Chicklit Central Scroll up and Click Buy!

Book Reviews

v Grove

A little of everything5 star

Great book! It makes you think, makes you laugh, and leaves you feeling hopeful.55


Cora’s Heart4 star

A story with lots of depth and richness thanks to Herron’s ability to develop characters—more than just the H/h.45

Mc Lyn

Cora s Heart4 star

Excellent book!45

Little chiro

Different and wonderful5 star

Really enjoyed this. I get tired of the same old plots, but I loved the characters and story here. This is my first book by this author, I’ll definitely check her out again.55


Cora’s Heart5 star

Interesting plot twist & turns.55


Cora's heart1 star

This book is long and boring. After a few pages, I skipped to the last few chapters and even with that It was still boring. Just reading the little that I did, I didn't connect with the characters or the storyline. Not an interesting book at all!15


Worth the Read4 star

A sweet peak into imperfectly, perfect lives with deep emotions and a great connection between main characters. I just wish the story hurried in certain parts, and elaborated in others.45


A Cypress Hollow Yarn5 star

Good read!55

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