Midnight Labyrinth: Elemental Legacy #1

Midnight Labyrinth: Elemental Legacy #1 Summary

He’s one human caught in a tangled maze of theft, politics, magic, and blood.
In other words, it’s just another night.

Benjamin Vecchio escaped a chaotic childhood and grew to adulthood under the protection and training of one of the Elemental world’s most feared vampire assassins. He’s traveled the world and battled immortal enemies.

But everyone has to go home sometime.

New York means new opportunities and allies for Ben and his vampire partner, Tenzin. It also means new politics and new threats. Their antiquities business is taking off, and their client list is growing. When Ben is challenged to find a painting lost since the second world war, he jumps at the chance. This job will keep him closer to home, but it might just land him in hot water with the insular clan of earth vampires who run Manhattan.

Tenzin knew the painting would be trouble before she laid eyes on it, but she can’t deny the challenge intrigues her. Human laws mean little to a vampire with a few millennia behind her, and Tenzin misses the rush of taking what isn’t hers.

But nothing is more dangerous than a human with half the story, and Ben and Tenzin might end up risking their reputations and their lives before they escape the Midnight Labyrinth.

MIDNIGHT LABYRINTH is the first book in an all new contemporary fantasy series by Elizabeth Hunter, author of the Elemental Mysteries and the Irin Chronicles.

Book Reviews


Hooked4 star

I do like this series and the detailed characters are interesting. Sometimes the plot too wrapped up for me...would love a little more detail on some of the physical romance...45


I wish I could give EH 10 stars!5 star

Oh my goodness Elizabeth, you did it again! I fall in love with Ben and Tenzin (shipped: Benzin) more and more with each story. EH weaves such a captivating story from beginning to end each time she publishes a new book. You have made me become accustomed to such great writing that no ordinary book or author will do anymore, and I sincerely thank you for that! Benzin pick up back in NY, and Ben is immediately enamored by a set of paintings at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), and a certain girl who claims to be the artists great-granddaughter. Ben finds out that this set is actually a set of 3, but only 2 are in the museum. So, being the chivalrous and kind hearted man that he is, he talks Tenzin into helping him find the missing painting. What ensues will make you have all the feelings. Especially if you like to ship Ben and Tenzin like I do, you’ll hope, pray and plead that they somehow, someway, finally become BENZIN. So, does Ben find the painting? Will he win the mysterious girl, or will he finally let down his guard long enough to realize his feelings for Tenzin? Guess you’ll have to read it to find out! 😉 P.S. her next Benzin read is coming out soon! Feb. 12, Blood Apprentice will be out and we’ll be able to fall back into the story of Ben and Tenzin!55


Standing ovation!!!!!5 star

I’m so speechless!!! She’s done it again. Her story telling really pulls the reader to an amazing world of love, adventure, conspiracy and family!! I’m in awe how wonderfully you write Elizabeth Hunter. Keep making me fall in love with Ben & Tenzin. Ohhh and, can’t wait to fall in love with Gavin & Chloe!! (Whom I’m I kidding?? I already love them)55


Awesome book!5 star

Steady plot without any lulls.55


Midnight Labrinth5 star

Wow! I enjoyed this one and can't wait for the next one. Really like the story of both Tenzin and Ben, along side Gavin and Chloe. I have read all the Elemental series, each book holding my interest with plot twists and turns, romance, humor. Nice ✍🏻keep them coming.55


Love it!!!!5 star

I absolutely love the Tenzin and Ben partnership, it's beautiful. I adore Elizabeth Hunters books and preoder every one. I hope she never stops writing this world!55

Hannah Leach

Mayhem, shenanigans and the sweetest slow burn ever!5 star

For all of those Ben and Tenzin fans out there, I promise that you will absolutely LOVE this book. I can't recommend it enough. The character growth in both Ben and Tenzin is such a pleasure to read. We get to see them in new light with this book, the are evolving and the journey is not something I think anyone should miss. This book is equal parts epic hilarity, Thomas Crown Affair, and a certain swoony man in a kilt who makes this girl fan herself regularly whilst reading. Toss is some new characters and some old, this book is NOT to be missed. The banter that Ben and Tenzin have is so unique, I think they may be my absolutely favorite duo ever. This book MORE than lived up to the expectations I had, in fact it blew them out of the water. Some moments I was cry laughing, others I was on the edge of my seat reading voraciously to get to the next page…..and then there were the moments that completely melted me and kept me yearning for more. Elizabeth has a skill with the slow burn that I have yet to find in any other books. Such. A. Sweet. Slow. Burn. I'm already ready for the next book, but until then I will probably reread Midnight Labyrinth several more times. There are so many layers hidden in the depth of this story, and so much to learn about each of the characters, I can't wait to unearth each one of them.55

J Samuels

Midnight Labyrinth is fantastic5 star

Fans who have been waiting for Ben and Tenzin’s full length story will rejoice! A thrilling read with a great cast of characters. I can not wait for the next book!55


An amazing read!!!5 star

If you like paranormal stories with intrigue, mysteries and awesome characters, this book is a must read!55

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