Tamed by the Billionaire (Roman's Story)

Tamed by the Billionaire (Roman's Story) Summary


Serena Van Buren, the privileged daughter of a wealthy businessman, can't wait to begin her three-month tour of Europe with her college mates. Little does she know that fate has other plans in store! Instead of dancing with handsome Italians and dining with charming Frenchmen Serena finds herself trapped in a six-month internship with overbearing business tycoon, Roman Steele - an arrangement orchestrated by her own father.

Serena is determined to show Roman that she won't yield to the demands of any man, boss or no boss. She's a Van Buren, after all, known to wither a man with one look. But Roman Steele is like no man she's ever met before. Suave, sexy and stunningly handsome, there's something about him that she can't resist. It looks like Serena Van Buren has finally met her match.

A sweet and saucy romance that will have you smiling...

Book Reviews


Tamed by the billionaire1 star

If it had been any worse, I’d have stopped sooner. Kept thinking it would get better. It didn’t!15


3 1/2 stars3 star

Decent, for the genre. Some gaps in character and plot development.35


Taming a Princess - Great Story5 star

What a great story. I love the characters and wish the story was longer as it left me wanting more.55

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