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When Lila Moore inherits her grandfather's house, she finds herself in a small Midwestern town where margarine is never an acceptable substitution for butter, a coveted family recipe can serve as currency, and the friend who will take your darkest secrets to the grave will still never give you the secret to her prize-winning begonias. 

Lila is charmed by the people of Auburn, from the blue-eyed lawyer with the southern drawl to the little old lady who unceasingly tries to set Lila up with her grandson. But when strange things begin to happen, Lila realizes some of her new friends are guarding a secret like its a precious family heirloom. It's a dangerous secret, and it has come back to haunt them. Lila is caught in the middle, and her life may depend on uncovering it. But even if she can, can she stay in Auburn when not everyone is what they seem, and even the house wants her gone?

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Obituary society3 star

Even 3 is a bit high. Just not enough umph to the dialogue and characters.35


The OBituary SOciety5 star

This was so good I had to go back and read it out loud! I know Arkansas, so I think I got the dialect pretty close. Really fun read!55


Wow!5 star

Great book. I just couldn’t put it down, so many twists and turns. Bravo!55

DG Whit

The Obituary Society5 star

I read this book straight through . I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. I think you will enjoy it as much as. did. Apply reading55


Obituary Society - a must for lovers of good fiction and find out novels!5 star

I typically read a lot of fiction and don't leave reviews in addition to my star ranking. This book however struck me so I felt compelled to share. Context, I read quite a lot of fiction. I enjoy the big names in the mystery genre as well as the fiction and find out novels of authors such as Baldacci, Hannah, Robb, and the likes. I also frequent the "free" section in iBooks quite a lot and have found some great books but authors I did not know as well there. This may be more the latter and the world may well know Jessica Randall's writing better than I did upon downloading this book however she ranks with the best of both - the greats and the up-comers- through robust character development, great storytelling, an intriguing plot and a satisfying conclusion. I highly recommend and hope to see more of her books very soon myself.55


Spooky & mysterious5 star

I just had to keep reading this book to find out what was going on! Loved the mystery as to whether there was a supernatural force happening, versus something else. Very entertaining.55


Twisty love story with a bare hint of horror5 star

Wonderful characters with depth that draw you in. Great writing, holds your interest to the last page.55


The obituary society4 star

Funny and entertaining. Excellent job of suspense and terror scenes.45


Good Read4 star

Good story, a little convoluted, which adds to its charm! Recommended.45


The Obituary Society5 star

The name of this book intrigued me. The story captured my attention and I could not put it down. It’s a fun, easy read.55

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