Witchnapped in Westerham: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Cosy Mystery Book 1

Witchnapped in Westerham: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Cosy Mystery Book 1 Summary

From USA Today bestselling author Dionne Lister comes an exciting new paranormal cosy mystery series.

All it takes is one morning for Sydney Photographer Lily Bianchi's life to go off the rails and over a cliff.

A well-dressed English woman turns up at her door, swearing she's a witch. If that’s not crazy enough, she explains Lily’s brother, James, has been kidnapped and the Paranormal Investigation Bureau needs Lily’s help finding him.

And the craziest part? The Englishwoman tells Lily she's a witch too. Before she can say, “Where’s my coffee?” she’s on a plane bound for Westerham, England. Unfortunately, England’s not as welcoming as she hoped--she's barely arrived before she gets set up, arrested and almost shot.

Things can only get better from here, right? Yeah, right…

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Ok book, starts great but gets boring3 star

The main character is an adult acting like a teen age girl. The scarcasm is funny in the first chapter, but after learning someone from her family is hurt, and he is the only one left to call a family, there is no sadness in her, she rather seemed to enjoy all the expensive thngs she got. The mention of coffee and puking in the same sentence is very 'eww'. Its disturbing how she was more hurt at stranger's father's death than her own family member missing. Her sarcasm gets worse as the story progresses, its like she only has got one emotion. I skimmed to the end just mark the book complete. I didnt care what happened to her family, because the main character didnt seem to care at all, she was too busy being funny, calling out 'adults', being sexist to hot guys, puking and at the same time drinking coffee. Product placement like, famous coffee brand, airline name, devices she uses is soo annoying and forced. There are very few men in the story and all are described as hot, blondie and some cheap words. That's really sexist. There nothing magical in this witch's world.35


Seems like a great story3 star

I was 28% into the story, but I just couldn’t really get into it.35


Great protagonist5 star

She doesn’t have any experience at witchcraft so all experiences are new and exciting. Photography is her talent, so we experience events through her lens, albeit occasionally blurrily 😄. That’s all I am going to tell you, enjoy the book.55



This story is a hard one to put down. I loved every bit and every page holds more and more intrigue than the last!! I can’t wait to continue on with the series and Lily’s life in Westerham!55


Westerham1 star

Great book! Very fun easy read!15


Good fun story.5 star

Good fun story that kept me reading.55


Excited for the others5 star

It was very cozy and made me crave coffee all the time 🤣. I loved it and couldn’t put the book down. Very intriguing all the way through.55

Ghost of Berkley st

Great story5 star

Wow, what an awesome read and the characters are so real. This is really one of the best written stories, you got a fan. Catha Watkins Reese55

SoCal ME

Witchnapped in Westerham5 star

Such a charming story.55


Excellent read5 star

This is an amazing paranormal cozy mystery with fabulous characters. I love Lily. This book is well-written with plenty of twists to keep me guessing to the end. I am looking forward to the next book by this author. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.55

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