A Pocket Dictionary

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This book is a Welsh-English dictionary containing 27,296 word entries. Each Welsh word is given its parts of speech, English equivalence and description.

Book Reviews


What is this?1 star

I have it, and deleted it, because I really don鈥檛 need it.15


479-957-72165 star

Sync iTunes send and save55


Bdfuyr5 star

Degtgfrtgdddgutffdrr Rrddffdsssscfxsdhghedtjhsz. Fddftgggggcbh Gygffttfffffu55

Ea people!!!!

Good if you know welsh5 star

Otherwise, you鈥檙e dead55

Beast mode cool God

Great book for a book report5 star

It has a very well thought out conflict and also an outstanding plot55

Ankita Guna

Nice2 star

Very nice25

Trc ffff

Ggggg1 star

Hate this book15


%1005 star


Candy land game

Very very BAD1 star

First it's not even English!!!!15


Donkey1 star

It only has the "A" section and even that is gibberish like asecfgghjf is apparently a word for poop15

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