My Low Carb Story, Diet Book, Cookbook, and Shopping List

My Low Carb Story, Diet Book, Cookbook, and Shopping List Summary

I wrote this book in 2010 after twelve years of maintaining a successful and trouble-free low carbohydrate lifestyle.

I updated it on September 4 2020 while I was writing "All Calories Count: A Well-Engineered Diet and Cookbook" and noticed that it could be improved.

I have enjoyed twenty-two years in a low carbohydrate lifestyle, maintaining a stable weight, eating good meals, experiencing overall good health, never being hungry, incurring in diet violations when I thought it was worth it, being in ketosis most of the time, having no regrets, and benefiting from an unexpected mental sharpness. I should also mention I have never experienced sexual impotence since I read some men with Type-2 diabetes do.

I am still reading and learning about nutrition to make sure that this way of eating will also maximize my longevity.

At the age of sixty-three, in 2019, my small pot belly came back and I had to make adjustments to my low carbohydrate lifestyle to eliminate it again. I experimented with low carb low fat (Stillman diet) and low carb high fat (ketogenic diet).

I found out that to lose weight, I had to space out my meals using Intermittent Fasting (IF) and reduce my food intake to only food that is essential.

At the same time, I had to make sure that I was not deficient in any essential nutrients.

I realized I was using my knowledge of low carbohydrate diets and my skills as a process engineer to design a diet that I could use the rest of my life.

I am writing this experience in "All Calories Count: A Well-Engineered Diet and Cookbook" which will be published January 8 2022 and is currently available for pre-order at a discounted price.

Book Reviews

Tulay Bull

Really enjoyable5 star

I just started dieting and working out, after having a baby wanted to loose all the weight I gained and having a low carb diet , it is really true where he says he had so much energy same thing is happening to me I have all this energy that I didn't have before the diet highly recommending to read this book if u want to loose some weight and keep eating healthy for rest of your life.55


Sounds good 😊👍5 star

I can't wait to try this, I got a good inner view of how this whole carbs diet works. And I think I'll be purchasing Dr. Atkins book next. Really recommend this book.55


Awesome Read!5 star

Very informative! I was a little leery about following low carb diet but now I'm not. Thanks Fernando!55


Keeps you hooked & makes you want it5 star

This book kept me hooked the whole time, which is a big deal for me! It was easy to understand all the numbers and figures, it makes them "user friendly" so to speak. Likewise it has made me WANT to change my eating habits. Thank you so much for writing it.55


Incorrect information2 star

The author here talks about several aspects of diet, but they are incorrect... I.e. cholesterol that you eat is NOT related to cholesterol in your blood. This is just one example, im afraid the sources here need to be checked.25


Not a cookbook!!1 star

So glad it was free and didn't have to buy it. They make you think it is a cookbook, there are no recipes it!15


Incredibly excellent!5 star

This book deciphers everything that makes a low carb lifestyle hard to understand (in other publications) for non medical folk who have an interest in the true health benefits that it brings. I am so thankful to the author for doing this. I highly recommend this read for anyone who just isn't buying into the hype that is fed to the general public about low calorie high carb diets. I Promise *YOU* reader, that this advice will leave you weighing less, feeling better & healthier then you've been in years! Many thanks to the author for writing this & sharing it!!55

Denisse Ramos

Realistic5 star

The author explained very well. Thank you, because of you I will start to watch what I eat, I will keep my progress posted!55


Short and to the point.4 star

A quick read that gave good low carb information. Not too much medical terminology and an abundance of practical advice.45

Loretta L

Great read!5 star

I really enjoyed the book. I am starting to eat low carb and this gave me the outline to jump start my new eating habits. Thank you for this free download, it has been a big help! :)55

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