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Here’s everything you need to know about Motion, straight from Apple. This definitive guide helps you create stunning animated titles and visual effects in real time. Motion is the perfect companion for Final Cut Pro—build titles, bumpers, transitions, and dazzling effects in Motion, then publish them directly to Final Cut Pro.

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Stellar!!5 star

From any amateur to an ‘equally an expert’ I think this book is just as impressive as the deep-dive-programmed software is to begin with itself. People, computing friends and friends sometimes afraid to push buttons for fear of what the (“undoable”) outcome will be, jump in and please leave all cyber-egos at the door.55


shiryu3 star

i am the sragon35


Yes5 star

The new update has been fixed but it does have the same features like this and the free app that I can use to use and to get them to be able to play it all my friends are amazing I can’t stop thinking of55


there is something wrong of the update version5 star

There is something wrong of the update version, it should be V5.4 this time, not V5.3.255


Glad its free5 star

OK i bought Motion. (ver 5) Glad its free. how can ya complain if its free by the way.55

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