Reading Comprehensions - Landmarks - Grade 2 & 3 - Super Reader

Reading Comprehensions - Landmarks - Grade 2 & 3 - Super Reader Summary

Special Introductory Price: 50% OFF for limited time. Super Reader - English Reading Comprehension for Grade 2 and Grade 3. 

✔ Read and learn some simple facts for 21 famous landmarks

✔ Multiple choice Quiz at the end of each story that focuses on reading skills

✔ Layout designed for easy reading 

✔ Super Reader is a simple educational program designed with young children grade 2 or 3 in mind. Parents and/or children may choose from 21 engaging short passages to improve their children’s English as well as capture their imagination. 

✔ The stories were crafted by an experienced elementary school teacher and will encourage a child to read. The stories provide them with the necessary skills to improve their English as well as test their comprehension skills. 

✔ Multiple choice questions follow each passage. The book is convenient and simple to operate. It was tested on grade two and three children who enjoyed it immensely. 

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