To Kill a Fae

To Kill a Fae Summary

The darkness holds more than just secrets…

Marked for death, Sabine escaped from her home and fled to a human city. 

But the Wild Hunt will never give up.

For more than a decade, she's kept her head down and avoided talking about her past.

Even the best-laid plans eventually fall apart…

When a charismatic stranger arrives, Sabine is unwittingly drawn to him and his power. Keeping her distance is nearly impossible, especially after a life debt is called due and she's tasked with helping him steal a rare artifact.

In order to break the magical barriers protecting the item and save her companions, Sabine will be forced to drop her glamour and reveal her true identity. 

The Fae aren't the only ones hunting her.

And the most dangerous monsters aren't always confined to the dark.

Book Reviews


How to Kill a Fae5 star

Thanks for letting me read this wonderful book!! I loved it55


Hope5 star

It was very good I love how you worded the book..I love Dax even though he is very stubborn I can’t wait to read the second book55


Awesome!5 star

I would love to have this series made into a movie or tv series. It’s that good!55


Captivating and Hypnotic!!5 star

**Presented with an ARC via BookSirens in exchange for an honest review.** The way this book opens is astounding. The pacing and poetic prose, the voice of the author shines through in the monologue of Sabine’s thoughts, and it’s all made so much richer still by the 3rd person limited POV it’s written in. There’s a beauty in the darkness Sabine finds herself in; and a glowing enigma in the shadows of mystery that is Malek. The pacing and banter between Malek and Sabine is akin to a perfectly matched pair of dancers gliding and twirling across the floor in a heated tango. Every word draws you deeper, every moment of action captures you ruthlessly to the next until you’re so deep into the book you can’t find your way back out and the world around you disappears. If you like A.D. Winter, Megan Blackwood, Alison Rose, Jessica Feyden, Mary Fan, L.A. Pepper, or Stephanie Rowe, you will love this book!55


Fun and interesting journey5 star

Sabine has been hiding in with the humans with a glamour on. The one that killed her mother is after her and she knows that the Wild Hunt never stops. Now Sabine doesn’t know who she can really trust. Who is her true ally? Can she trust her own feelings? Exciting and fun journey I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.55

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